The Sanyo Massage Chair

You have many choices of massage chairs on the market today. This is especially true for the high-end luxury models. A number of the top companies produce these chairs with a wide variety of differences in the technology used. One of the more advanced massage chairs on the market is the Sanyo massage chair.

The high-end Sanyo massage chair is the DR 7700 model. This massage chair comes with a number of advanced technological features. Many of these features are used to provide a more thorough and customize massage based on your body type and your current state of health.

The DR 7700 massage chair comes with a stress sensor. The user will cup a mouse-like devise with their hand. The advanced technology of this chair will read the pulse rate and perspiration of the user. It is then able to determine where you have stress points in your back.

This stress sensor makes a determination of where you have stress points on your back. This information is then fed into the system’s computer. These massage programs will be adjusted de son where your stress points are determined. Your stress points will actually light up on the LCD screen while the chair systematically attacked each point.

Another advanced feature of the Sanyo DR 7700 is if body shape sensor. The body shape sensor detects the position 출장마사지 of your body in the chair. If you move during the massage, then this technology will adjust the massage to your new position in the chair.

Although the Sanyo DR 7700 massage chair has both the stress sensor and the body shape sensor, they tend to provide less therapeutic features than other massage chairs. We think it is important to have sensor technologies such as this but not at the expense of providing effective massage therapy.

One of the more important features of the Sanyo massage chair is its GK roller system. This GK roller system has the ability to provide a massage of the top of the shoulders. This is particularly effective and providing for relief of stiffness in the shoulder area.

So for stiff shoulders, you should try out the GK roller system. This is effective with its gripping massage. You can also apply kneading to the upper back which helps to loosen and relieve tightness in the shoulders and arms. Having extra degrees of movement with the rollers is certainly a good direction for Sanyo.

The Sanyo massage chair also has a shiatsu massage for these lower legs. It has specialized nodes to stimulate being calves and also for the feet. We believe that reflexology foot massage is an important aspect of relaxing the entire body.

Sanyo also incorporates heat, but it is only to warm up the soles of the feet. The foot massage provided in the Sanyo massage chair is good with the addition of the heat. Heat is a therapeutic feature and we would have liked to have seen heat used more extensively in this massage chair. When purchasing a high-end massage chair you would expect that features would be incorporated through the entire chair.

The interesting thing about the Sanyo massage chairs is that the above features are used in all of their models. Whether it is the high-end luxury model or their entry level model SR 1000, the technology platform is the same. Since the technology doesn’t change throughout the chairs, it is worthwhile to see if the middle tier or entry-level chair is sufficient to meet your needs. Sanyo makes high-quality chairs and provides good warranty coverage for their chairs.

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