Slow Moving Moon Over Vietnam (A Poem)

Slow Moving Moon Over Vietnam (A Poem)


Slow Moving Moon over Vietnam

(in the hills of Cam Ranh Bay)

(in May of’7 38 super ammo for sale   1)

The ocean roars,

as the rain poured

over Vietnam

(in this war)-;

and here, here I sit

in the middle of it

in a hooch

as a barracks,

singing songs

drinking beer

wine and vodka

all night long,


laying with


pretty as a peas,

it’s how it is

most of the time here

in Vietnam….

When, when, when

is this war

ever going to end

and blow its top?

Too many dark

marble-eyed rats,

scorpions, bull-mosquitoes,

lizards like ants.

Half the soldiers


are on dope,

under the slow

moving moon:

some have gone

to rehab, in Japan,

others are kept

in solitary, high metal

boxes, like sardines;

the other half

are under the strain of booze

all are under a haze

from the rain,

and some are going crazy

from killing.

And I’m somewhere

between all this

trigger happy,

and I won’t miss!

Rockets inbound

coming from across

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