My Favorite Sushis for Home Delivery

 My Favorite Sushis for Home Delivery


There are six different types of sushi. Although, depending on where you live, the most common type will be a Maki roll in which seaweed will be used to wrap up rice and the rest of the filling using salt, sugar, and vinegar to taste. The taste, textur 250x Nangs Delivery Brisbane e, and the size of the rolls will depend on just how they have been made, the crucial sushi ingredients, and how it has been seasoned.

The second most common form of sushi you will find when you order sushi delivery is Nigiri: the fish, shrimp, or other meat simply being pressed onto a mound of sushi rice. As a beginner you should probably stick to rolls and Nigiri mounds of rice, these being the most popular orders taken for sushi, especially in the western world.

A traditional view of sushi is that it’s a roll of rice that is stuffed with raw fish. Although sushi can be any meat, a Tuna Maki roll is always a first choice both with beginners, as well as native Japanese and Malaysians. A Tuna Maki roll will contain a wrap of seaweed stuffed with rice and raw tuna. Variations on the roll can include smoked tuna, avocado, or cucumber.

If you are on the look out for a sushi dish that is not overwhelming, then, salmon is a great choice. Salmon is a fish that is commonly eaten raw, so the texture and taste of the fish on a bed of rice won’t be too much even for a beginner.

When I order sushi delivery when I have friends over, I always include Salmon Temaki in my order as I know from experience that it always goes down well. A Salmon Temaki can be combined with vegetables such as carrots or leafy greens, and it is also commonly found with egg.

Another preference for my non-sushi loving friends when I order sushi delivery is Shrimp Nigiri. I am slowly but surely converting my room mate and my friends to sushi, and simple rice pressed with shrimp is a good choice for beginners or those who just don’t like to eat seaweed. I personally love mackerel on my Nigiri, but with a rich flavor, it can often be overpowering for the beginner.



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