35 Reasons Why People Choose Summerside PEI for Summer Holidays

Perth, supposedly the sunniest capital city of Australia is a big hit with young people. Hundreds of youngsters save hard to fund their cheap flights to Perth as the destination is full of spoilers. Be it taking a romantic helicopter ride across the clouds, gyrating away booze fueled night in some pub, or indulging in heart thudding adventure sports, Perth sets many a youngsters on a quest for tickets with cheap airlines to the destination. Here are some of the reasons that make Perth a hot favorite destination for the young.


Perth is full of magnificent beaches and there is world of choice for indulging in people watching, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and other adrenalin pumping water sports. The Scarborough Beach is a hot choice amongst teenagers and young adults for kite surfing, body boarding, and wind surfing, and the night parties 먹튀검증. For scuba diving enthusiasts as well as other beach bugs, there are quite a few options in Rocking ham, while Trig makes for some heavy duty surfing. Although, there is no end to the number of beach attractions, one of the most popular places for beach hunting is the Rottenest Island. Beaches are definitely one of the biggest lures that attract young people in droves to embark on flights to Perth.

Adventure Sports

Adrenalin junkies booking flights to Perth are in for some unforgettable treats. Those who want to conquer the fear of heights can indulge in bungee jumping or trying out different forms of rock climbing such as multi-pitch climbing, sport climbing, crack climbing, face climbing, and aid climbing. Perth is also home to Western Australia’s award winning and supposedly biggest Skydiving center and provides mind numbing Accelerated Free fall and tandem Skydive experiences. Similarly, there is no dearth of choice for indulging in caving expeditions and mastering the art of abseiling. For yachting aficionados, the lower regions of the Swan River Valley are amongst the most desirable places.

Tracks and Trails

Perth also offers plenty of biking, hiking, and walking trails. Many of these trails have provisions for guided tours and visitors can treat themselves to myriad exotic sights and smells of nature along the way. A popular bike trail is the Munda Biddi Trail, which runs across mesmerizing wooded areas and gently rolling hills and treats one to wildlife like brush wallabies, western grey kangaroos, and brush tail possums. Another choice is the award winning Bibbulmun Track, which runs across mesmerizing hills, river valleys, and forests. The walk covers seven rural communities and stretches for about a thousand kilometers between Perth Hills and Albany.


Perth’s electrifying nightlife sees happy crowds of youngsters painting the town red in the numerous pubs and discotheques dotting the city. The hottest centers of action are concentrated around North bridge, Subiaco and Fremantle and some of the most popular venues are Must Wine bar, Varga Lounge, The Moon & Sixpence British Pub, and Sapphire Bar. Those with more intellectual pursuits can stake out numerous venues like Perth Concert Hall, His Majesty’s Theater, Subiaco Arts Center, Yirra Yaakin Theatre, Buzz Dance Theater, and Burswood Dome.


Youngsters bitten by the shopping bug find themselves spoilt for choice in Perth. Some of the popular European type markets are the Galleria Art & Craft Markets and Art Gallery and Museum Concourse. Those looking for souvenirs can pick up authentic Aboriginal art from places like Creative Native and Indigenart. Perth is also the place to pick up Western Australian wines and crocodile and sheepskin leather products. Most of the duty free shops are located in the vicinity of Hay Street, Murray Street malls, and Forrest Chase complex. The area also has some of the main department stores, Myer and David Jones, and numerous fashion franchises, duty free shops, and historic arcades.

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