The pollen press is used to extract pollen from plants.

Hashish coin manufacture relies on a simple pollen press, which is available in a wide range of designs and can be purchased at any hardware store. The gadget is then spun a few times, at which point the kief is compressed into the shape of a coin, pellet, or puck after being loaded with plant material known as dab press. You can now dab it, vape it, or use it in blunts, bongs, or bowls as you see fit. It’s truly a world of endless possibilities!

Pollen presses are used for a variety of reasons.

If you’ve got a lot of kief, you can use it to make hashish coins by pressing pollen. In order of importance, here is a list of the following:

· Retains resources by not wasting them

· Pellets have a long shelf life if stored correctly.

· Pollen presses are water bongs easy to use and can produce a big amount of pellets or pucks at a high rate of production.

· Densely packed pellets provide greater efficiency.

· Presses are long-lasting and reliable.


Despite the many advantages of using a pollen press, the process of doing so can be difficult at first. When making your first batch of hash coins, patience is essential since, like with any new skill, there is a learning curve. That being said, the payoff will be well worth the time and effort.

Pollen press in a pocket size

Because of its small size, the Pocket Pollen Press is great for use while travelling. 3 inches (7.5 centimetres) in length and 1.5 inches (3.8 centimetres) wide, this compacting tool is ideal for slipping into a pocket or purse and going practically anywhere! The Pocket Pollen Press allows you to make your own hash while also impressing your friends.

Because aircraft-grade aluminium was used in the press’s construction, it is extremely long-lasting despite its small size and ease of use. Due to the interior’s high tensile food-grade thermoplastic construction and non-stick surface, this is a very long-lasting pan.

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